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THE BLUE IN THE BLUE MARBLE (Templar Poetry, 2024)


FROM THE EXTINCT (Southword Editions, 2017)

“Bastards”, Bad Lilies (December 2023)

“The Carnian Pluvial Episode”, Propel, Issue 7 (ed. Pascale Petit) (September 2023)

:“Deirdre of the Sorrows in Poetry Ireland Review (May 2023)


“Domestic Economy Reader for Irish Schools” in The Friday Poem (November 2022)

Ostalgie” in Howl 22 (November 2022)

“Unapproved Gravedigging” in Local Wonders (Pat Boran ed, Dedalus Press, 2021)

“Under the Harrow” in The Honest Ulsterman, October 2021


“The Soul of Wine”, “The Perfume Bottle”, “The Lonely Man's Wine” (translated from the French of Charles Baudelaire) The High Window October 2021


Five Poems in Julijana Velickovska (ed) Rapture: A Selection of Irish Poetry (PNV Publishing, Skopje, 2021) (translations into Macedonian)


“The Green Girls from Eglantine” The London Magazine (December/January 2021)

Zoonoses” in Poems from Pandemia (Patrick Cotter ed, Southword Editions, 2020)

Flood at Jarrow Slake, 1771 Magma (No 78, 2020) (with Jane Lovell)

Cherating Malaysia (Infinite Monkey Theorem)” Coast to Coast to Coast, Special Aldeburgh Issue, 2019


“Experiments and Observations on the Singing of Birds” in The North (No 61, 2019)

Wreckage” in Danielle McLaughlin (ed) Counterparts: A Synergy of Law and Literature (Stinging Fly, 2018)


“Influx” in Coast to Coast to Coast, Special Irish Issue, 2018

“Blending In” (translated from the Irish of Stiofan O Cadhla) in The Quarryman (Vol IV, 2018)

Travel Light” in The Deep Heart's Core (Eugene O'Connell and Pat Boran eds, Dedalus Press 2017)

Gerl” in Southword (No 31, 2017)

“Moving to the City” in The Cork Literary Review (Special Issue, No 16, 2016)


Expat” in Prelude (No 3, 2016)

Saturday Night” in On the Banks (Alannah Hopkin ed, Collins Press 2016)

“By the Lough” in On the Banks (above)


“Rescue” in The Sea (Rebel Poetry, 2015)


“Book” in New Eyes on the Great Book (eds Pat Cotter and Graham Allen, Southword Editions 2014)


“Showdown” in The SHOp (No 37, 2011)


Paperweight” in The Rialto (No 71, 2007) & The Irish Examiner (24 Jan 2017)


“Apocrypha” in The Cork Literary Review (No 12, 2007)


“Orphan” in The SHOp (No 24, 2007)


Wreckage” in The Rialto (No 59, 2005) 


“Moving to the City” in The Cork Literary Review (No 11, 2005)


Travel Light” in The SHOp (No 14, 2004)


“Suburban Jungle” in The SHOp (No 14, 2003)


“Location” in Cyphers (No 55, 2003) 


“First Flight” in Southword (No 5, 2003)


“Grief” in Southword (No 5, 2003)


“Saturday Night” in Cyphers (No 55, 2003)


“Undone” in Southword (No 3, 2003)


“Between Before and After” in The Steeple (No 2, 1992)  


Long Pass by Joey Connolly Ink Sweat & Tears (2018)

The Infinite Knot by Josephine Abbott Sabotage Reviews (2018)

Declare by Geraldine Clarkson Sabotage Reviews (2017)


Houdini’s Wife and Other Women by Amy Schreibman Walter

Sabotage Reviews (2016)

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